Surrender isn’t the only option. I will start a fight based on reason, justice and the truth, which are the only weapons I have used my whole life. In , Mireles issued an apology to the government and his family for the disrespect he has shown official institutions in the country. I will now start a fight based on reason, justice and the truth. His family was always first and were his world, especially his 18 grandkids. Names in italics represent dead or arrested individuals.

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We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Amongst other things, Livas complains of the failure of police and other witnesses to turn up, and of failed Skype calls to Mireles’s cell setting things back by weeks at a time.

The doctor versus the drug cartels

Some 70, people died in drug-related violence between and I stepped on two sets of toes, those of organized crime and of the federal government.

You don’t have to accept the killings and kidnappings and extortion, you can reclaim your towns if you want to. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Get an email notification whenever someone signs the guestbook. His family was always first and were his world, especially his 18 grandkids. Tguck Drug Lords or Its Vigilantes? Initially, a video of a badly wounded Mireles was published in which he urged the self-defense groups to lay down their arms and mirelee with the Army.


I was warned a thousand times: They day they leave office and stop getting their fortnightly pay check, they become a former so-and-so. If I had wanted to become a politician, I would have done it when the option was presented to me before I went to prison.

If we mobilized miireles, there would be millions of us and not thousands. Stop watching this guestbook.

José Manuel Mireles Valverde – Wikipedia

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Tguck make matters worse, in January he was involved in a mysterious plane crash, in which the pilot died. Our biggest success was letting go joee the fear of making our own decisions and realizing that, if we were organized we could get rid of the Knights Templar.

Mexico Voices: Mexico: José Mireles, M.D., Leader of Michoacán Self-Defense Groups

Livas, however, won’t go that far. The self-defense movement had three chief demands that have not yet been met: Daily Headlines Would jode like to receive our daily headlines?

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Retrieved 22 January Retrieved 29 May On 4 JanuaryMireles was injured in a plane crash [11] as he was traveling to the community of Zicuiran. Livas, however, remains positive. Mireles’s motley crew of lumberjacks, fruit-pickers and farmers seem highly adept at wielding the imreles they’ve confiscated from the narco gangs.

But there is an explanation: He describes his motivation to participate in the armed self-defense groups as stemming from the abuse of the Mierles Templar Cartel against himself and his family he has himself been kidnapped by the cartel which has also murdered several of his family members causing him to take up arms in defense of his community of Tepalcatepec.

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“Mexico is 10 times worse than when I was locked up:” Mireles

The biggest mistake was trusting the federal government. But, given the jode nature of Mexico’s drugs war, one can hazard a pretty decent guess.

And in both cases, the same person was involved. Notifications from this guestbook will end.

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