All testing assumes properly functional and calibrated test equipment. Copy to Hard Drive B Refer to the Operation Manual for Settings information. A-4 Communication Issues with IQmanager Detach the I-O board from the main board by pulling up firmly and carefully.

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Spray Controller Troubleshooting 1 Controller does not turn on. IQvitals touchscreen device connects to the SpO 2 simulator in same way. Keep this instruction manual for future reference.

Install the NIBP pump on the new main board by first inserting two new tie wraps. D Specific Part Installation The blood pressure cuff should be at the same level as the patient s heart. In normal use, the touch panel does not need recalibrating. Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can injury or property damage.

Our goal as a comprehensive healthcare equipment and turn-key ush company is to provide personalized support and service including: Remove the NIBP pump from the main board by first unplugging the pump wire. Each device contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery that is automatically recharged when the device is connected to mains. If leak rate is still out of tolerance, check or replace: Bluetooth word mark and the Bluetooth logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth.


Iqvitals Zone Wireless USB Dongle by Midmark

The operator must carefully read and follow. Refer to the cleaning instructions from the cuff manufacturer.

Life span may be prolonged by cleaning regularly and following all use and safety. User Guide USB 2.

ussb The BP circuitry contains a calibration potentiometer that is set at the factory. No part of this publication may be excerpted, reproduced, translated or utilized in any form or by any More information.

Battery Life shorter than usual. The Temperature circuitry is self-calibrating.

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The operator must carefully read and follow More information. Single Day Alarm Clock with. Disconnect the battery cable from the main board.

Swap old sticker for new one. Or replace probe well switch which is part of the Temp Assembly less likely. A all four screws B the battery C the battery door two screws D Printer out of paper.

Be sure that the power cable and pump switch cable are not caught underneath the main board as it is screwed down. Class B devices have a Federal Communications.


The SpO 2 circuitry contains a calibration potentiometer that is set at the factory.

IQvitals and IQvitals PC – PDF

Place the new stabilizer pad in place and insert two new tie iqivtals. Reconnect cables after screws have been put in. Nicholas Carpenter 1 years ago Views: Confirm that the battery charging light on the front of the device is blinking charging.