This settings is not good option, if you are using compiz-fusion or any other transparency-based thingie. Bryce Harrington bryce wrote on Artem Popov artfwo wrote on Thanks for your support. The “ati” driver will automatically choose the best driver for your video card. If the open-source Xorg driver i. But I agree, that the update needs broader testing.

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Open failed Then it gives a backtrace. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

So in this case you should intrepif a new bug report. Download the proprietary driver from http: This is on a Thinkpad T60 with a Mobility X, using whichever drivers Intrepid uses out of the box.

Privacy policy About cchtml. The proprietary driver called “nvidia” driver in xorg. NVidia cards are most popular for visualization in protein crystallography. I’ve been having issues with: Email me about changes to this bug report.

This bug was found in the Intrepid development cycle; removing regression- potential and marking as regression-release. Is the updated driver in any repositories yet? intrepie


If amdcccle doesn’t work and says Identifier is not a valid word, this may be caused by some of the reasons below: By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Some distros make it easy to install them through their installation tools; for other distros you have to install and maintain them yourself.

R support is mostly incomplete and very experimental. For 3D applications like COOT and O, only recently cheap hardware has become fast enough to not require proprietary drivers for decent performance. Add tags Tag help. More to the point: Let me build you debs omitting that particular change so we can isolate if that’s what caused the regression.

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I linked the logs here. Hardware is Acer Ferrari with a Mobility Radeon r I opened a thread on ubuntuforums. For most users it won’t be necessary to go into installation and configuration details of the driver. Bryce Harrington bryce wrote on November 5th, 9.


The next step for you is to collect a full backtrace. Intel Corporation Turbo Memory Controller rev intrepld See [5] and [6].

You can kill the hanging authatieventsd. Email me about changes to this bug report.

Index of /download/baltix/Baltix-Ubuntu_packages/intrepid/ati-amd-radeon-fglrx-drivers

Opening an image in GIMP when compositing is enabled results in the opened image being one mess of garbage. I just upgraded to intrepid and ran into the same issue as mentioned above, a black screen when starting X. The time now is If you receive this error, issue the following command after the above dpkg command, which will force the installation of all of the 32 bit dependencies, and then the amdcccle package:.