Try to be as quick as possible to collect all letters placed on the clay discs time is against you. Excitement and fun deluxe. Note: The Download Now link will download a small installer file to your desktop.

Remain online and double-click the installer to proceed with the actual download. Gemstars is a casual “Match 3” puzzle game. Form groups of colored Stargems to break them and create new Gemstars. Replace the missing Constellations of the Zodiac before anyone notices they are missing.

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I must admit it: unless somebody is constantly on me, reminding me all the upcoming 435 events and tasks, I tend to forget 435 term paper’s due date, the doctor’s appointment date or even my mom’s birthday.

So if you’re anything like me, you’re going to like Note Mania.

This easy note application is more than just a digital post-it pad to jot things down. It’s a complete personal information manager where you can store all the important dates, events, tasks and other data you can’t miss.

As the program supports note scheduling, you can use set 3455 for yourself and also mark certain notes as recurrent events, turning Note Mania into a comprehensive calendar tool to schedule both your personal and professional lives.

Notes are displayed as individual floating windows, listed on the program’s main interface and also arranged on Note Mania’s embedded calendar.

Besides its handy functionality, another outstanding feature in Note Mania is its support for customization.


Notes can be personalized in many ways: paper color, text color, font face, size and 34 transparency level.

Also, these settings can be applied 3455 or to each individual note. The program’s calendar, however, uses your Windows wallpaper as background decoration and cannot be 3455 in any way. With Note Mania you’ll organize your tasks in a more productive way won’t lose track of any important date or event in your life again.

Note Mania is a highly 3345, feature-rich, note-based personal 35 management 3445.

It’s fast and uses very little system resources. Note You can change notes’ visual properties such as font, text color globally or for each note individually.

Notes can be made transparent to a certain point so that they do not completely conceal things behind.

Pad Every note you create can be browsed and managed using Pad. Pad is also useful when you want to review the things you’ve done or preview the things to come for the day or for the week, etc. Calendar Every note checked as “Show on Calendar” automatically appears on Calendar. You can use your favorite image files as the Calendar background, so that it suits your personal taste.

Unicode Support You can 35 any languages supported by your OS, simultaneously, for any text you enter.

System Clipboard Support When you create a new note, it uses contents of the system clipboard at the moment as its text, automatically. Text and file clipboard formats are supported.

You can also copy contents of any note easily, using the keyboard shortcut or the note context menu, back into the system clipboard.


Command Line Options Note Mania supports several command line options. For example, a shortcut named “New Note” is created when you install Note Mania, with the command line option n, in the Note Mania program group.

The 3445 n is for creating a new note.

I don’t know about you, but when I choose a screensaver, I want something that looks good and is original. Nothing like the default ones that come in my computer. Strands is a pretty cool screensaver which shows a flow of glowing lines weaving on your screen. The lines change color every few seconds, going from red to yellow, green, or many other colors.

You’ll need at least a 16MB 3d card to be able to enjoy the screensaver without any slowdowns.

Obviously, if you stare at it too long you’ll notice that Strands 34 get a bit repetitive, but that is the case with most screensavers you’ll find. Installing the screensaver is a fairly easy process. Simply extract the file from the archive and save it in a safe place where it doesn’t risk being deleted.

Then simply go to your computer’s settings and select it as you would any normal screensaver.

Strands may not work properly with all graphics cards or system configurations as it still is in beta.