Display – Status led display LCD display assembly. Bezel – Front panel overlay bezel – english control panel bezel – frame around display and control panel. Sensor Open – Door sensor assembly – open door sensor. This is not a service manual for technical repair. Slider – Carriage base slider – plastic piece on the front end of the carriage that allows the carriage to slide side to side. Door – Cleanout assembly door – Rear access door that provides access to paper jams.

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Carriage Only – Carriage only – includes carriage, felt, felt retainers, ink cartridge latches – does not include trailing cable, veskjet board, belt attachment hardware, or slider for complete carriage unit, please see carriage assembly. Print Mechanism – Print mechanism assembly – complete mechanism with carriage movement, paper picking and service station – does not include covers, printer base, print heads, ink cartridges, or any consumables.

Gear Station – Gears on shaft of spittoon station. Motor Service Station – Service station stepper motor does not include cable – moves the rack vertically in the service station assembly. Power Cord – Power module power deakjet wall outlet cable to power module only.

HP Support page for CA deskjet color inkjet printer

Carriage Base – Carriage base or pre-loader assembly – mounted to bottom xeskjet carriage base. Service station absorber sponge – soaks up used ink during cartridge cleaning.


Actuator – Actuating unit. Door Rear – Rear cleanout door assembly – rear paper jam clean out door assembly. Ink Supply Station – Ink supply service station iss assembly.

Arm Pick Up – Paper detection arm – for registration plate on picking up paper. Absorber – Ink service station ISS bottom absorber foam – absorbs ink during the cleaning process.

deskjef Tray Base – Tray base- bottom base of the paper input tray. In addition, compatible replacements can be mixed with original cartridges in your printer in any way you like, no matter how full the remaining original cartridges might be. Inkraider has always offered best prices for HP DeskJet ink cartridges. Power Supply Board – High voltage power supply board. Lower feed roller assembly – for lower paper input tray.

HP Deskjet 3743 Installation Instructions

Cable USB – This interface cable is the standard ho. This is not a service manual for technical repair. Trouble using our dynamic shopping basket? Cam – Drawer cam – short, spring loaded lever attached to the paper tray frame – used to draw input tray into position. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Service warranty is 30days labor and 90days for parts.

Belt Carriage – Carriage belt – moves the carriage assembly across the carriage rod. Bracket Tension – Belt tension bracket – holds the carriage belt idler pulley. Paper – Greeting card paper pack Ivory, Matte – A size 8.


SLED Assembly – Sled assembly – white plastic piece with spring, wipers and boot assembly that the ink cartridge parks on – mounts on top of the service station assembly.

Carriage Belt – Carriage drive belt, this belt is attached to the carriage and carriage motor, it moves the carriage side to side while priting. Cartridge – HP No. Separator – Pad separator – assembled from plastic and rubber components; to help deskkjet separating sheet of media during printing from bottom trays. Tray Assembly Cover – Tray cover – the top cover for the paper pick up tray unit. Extender Input – Tray extension assembly stopper – tray with a paper stop on the input tray – extends to accomodate different media lenths.

Glass Assembly – Main top copier glass assembly. Deflector – Paper deflector – guides paper out of dispose assembly – through the internal paper path cover. We don’t sacrifice service standards i. Paper – Brochure and flyer paper – Glossy on both sides – A size 8.