I would probably not play any clubs from Callaway. Chal 4 years ago. Dislike Adams and have tried to like them in the past just cant do it. I will not pick up anything to do with Nike and especially their golf Equipment as all they have is Brand recognition and terrible quality equipment. Way out of my price range. Matt W 4 years ago.

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It would be interesting to see a head-to-head with this club and the McaseyM 4 years ago.

I have tried to move away from Taylormade because of their over-releasing of clubs throughout golfmith calendar year, and the horrid trade-in value the clubs receive no more than six months after purchase. Also not a fan of the Pings with turbolaters or whatever they call them.

With the AeroBurner Mini they will not have to sacrifice as much distance by making that choice. I have never tried a mini driver, but would be interested in one as a 3w replacement.

Golfsmith Tmag $50 off Taylormade – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

The aeroburner looks a lot better to me than previous Taylormade white clubs as well. I would have never bought a callaway club until I tried the golfsmitg pro 3wood, it blew my mind, but meh every new callaway I try I send back to ebay. I would probably not play any clubs from Callaway. The technology behind most clubs is very similar.


TaylorMade SLDR White & Mini Driver Now Available!

Britton Davis 4 years ago. James Capps 4 years ago. There is no brand I would not try. If you are a good driver of the ball and occasionally have to throttle back to a 3 wood on some holes, then the AeroBurner Mini could take on the driving role for either or both and it could also give you a longer club from the fairway. My basement is testimony to the fact that there is no brand that I would not play.

Aero mini driver versus big Bertha mini

This club is a gift from golf Heaven. George Obsince 4 years ago. I can rip this club at yards consistently off the tee.

Robert 4 years ago. With the massibe toe bulge and cut away at the heel.

The irons I demoed were much shorter and no more accurate than my current set. The overall weight and balance of the club also feels just right for me.


Glenn Bowers 4 years ago. Taylomrade given to the wedges. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Paul 4 years ago. I use to like Bridgestone but I hate the new line up so bad it makes me want to puke. Matt Maynard 4 years ago. The original Xhot deep when I compared it on foresight was as long or longer than the exotics but more erratic in accuracy. I have never been fond of this type of club. I would never buy a club that has an imni adapter.

However, I will likely never use a Callaway driver. Have never been a fan of Wilson.

Aero mini driver versus big Bertha mini – Equipment – GolfWRX

MG 4 years tyalormade. Golfsmith Dec 29, Final Price Cuts! I have swung on a simulator and my Tour Burners still beat their new clubs. I do not think I will ever play Miura irons — simply because of the price.