Please login or register. I know how to kill someone hiding in a mirror. If you already have the Steroids, activate them in order to be able to pick up a new bottle. You should keep the shareware GRP to play netgames with players who do not have the full version. Originally posted by The Commander:. OpenGL problem Nah updating the drivers fixed it.. He started from scratch and uses a new engine on which Ken Silverman added an OpenGL support in particular for new 3D models.

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At best, you stay alive and the opponent kills himself only, removing 1 frag. Doesn’t seem to effect the mod but just wondering.

Replace by Last update: I have included all of his documentation below. Last edited by Sang; at Short summary at bottom First of all: Use -forcegl to override. Y axis move is disabled. Guestbook, questions, bugs and comments. Last edited by Charlo ; Mar 20, 6: Thanks for all the info guys, you’re awesome!


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Playing netgames over the internet. Same issue as the previous question.

Keep going on, you have a good potential. Setting video mode x 8-bit windowed Initializing music Using group file ‘oblivion.

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Thread for HRP issues on the main Duke forum http: Last edited by Charlo ; Mar 20, They will be invisible and fatal.

CON bytes Including: You can’t chat with openggl user because you have blocked him.

I have the same problem: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I have the same problem but i canupdate mydrivers: Insupported wheel programme that becomes installed has not been validated for this computer. I map the medkit on digital axis or keys I use all the time.

OpenGL problem I have the same problem: Preventing multi keypress locks designed with JonoF. Fake multi and AI are now fully working. opwngl

Whats GL Driver?

Their replacement is available online here: Please login or register. Mouse speed was uneven and slower in windowed mode vs fullscreen mode.


I can stick invisible Trip Mines. A very few people can beat you. Attempting to open Mapster32 in bit mode resulted in this error: Speed and instruments are a bit changed when compared to the original tunes.

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