It also told me which cap to use. To start with, all you need is the original software your blue WB came with wishblade advanced and the Wishblade controller and the tutorial I have linked to below. Hi, Does anyone know if inskcape have found a way for wishblade users to cut in inskcape? I’m fairly confident you will get some helpful info, even if it’s not for your particular machine. Inkscape is an excellent choice for doing the drawings that you want to cut.

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That would completely make my day! The point is that you can cut unwelded letters directly from word since the ttf fonts are vector based. When I installed wishblade software it goes through everything and then says there’s a kernal problem with the driver not being compatible with wishbllade version of windows vista 32 bit and to see manufacturer.

Jen Adkins Designs: You CAN use your “Blue” Wishblade with Vista or Windows 7!

I’m not sure if one can wihblade burn an Inkscape file to disc and load it into the cutting machine? I was trying to cut out a cut file this way and the wishblade doesn’t do anything. Now I can keep it–I really appreciate all your work! It allows you to cut text from the CnC software, but not the advanced wb software.


Kelley August 10, at 8: Wishblaade me see if I can get to them via the craftrobo controller or not. I don’t mind paying for updates Trisha January 4, at 9: I am a member of a craft robo site, and their new software will not let me cut any new version templates.

It will asked a password for the download May 24, at 3: Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [23 May I feel like it has been months of aggravation trying to figure this out!!!!!!! What exactly is “restore point” and what does it do? I want to try this but I don’t want to do anything that will wishb,ade up my machine. So you can just dive in with your drawing!

wishblade cutter –

After I post this I’ll try to find the topic I’m thinking about, and wishblde in a link. I am going to give this a whirl later on and see if it works: I know this has been a great help to many people.


I did everything according to the tut. Hi, Does anyone know if inskcape have found a way for wishblade users to cut in inskcape?

Thanks again for your original post: Thanks so much for the info. My computer doesn’t even seem to be installing wushblade driver. I just don’t know if I know how to use the other software Thanks for taking the time to create this!

I had used previously and wanted to share with others but I was unable to get the link to the pdf to work tonight. What are you looking at?

Edit – Ok, this one pertains to vinyl cutters and I’m not sure if it can be used with your machine Jen, Thanks for posting this information. I’m googling it but to no avail I can cut from Windows 7 now but I have a question about selecting media. This is a good news for me! Kelley July 19, at 4: