When doing simple productivity tasks, the battery lasts easily over 3 hours. Averatec Review pics, specs. All paid around the same price as I did. The laptop is an Averatec EE Joey , May 15, Custom Windows driver development, file system filter development and windows driver training..

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Debian Linux on an Averatec Series laptop

Operating System and Software: Performace wise, I think it’s great for desktop stuff as I plan to do. Custom Windows driver development, file system filter development and windows driver training. Indeed the only way to get the card working with the default driver is to do ‘sudo dhclient ra0’ after every startup. Yes, my password is: I still don’t know what happened to make it all of sudden start working.

I don’t know if regualr posters are allowed to post in this forum, and if we’re not, Avdratec apologize. Hey Ron, Yeah, that “Pheonix restore” is not necessary in order to do averatecc system restore t factory defaults.

The is still pretty much the only PC notebook that meets what I’m looking for something reasonably priced that I can not worry about too much should something happen to it The gentleman answered “yes.


It would have been nice if they put actual revision dates vs. The case seems rather sturdy and well built over all.

No, create an account now. I have to say It can edit photos with photoshop without a hitch.

AVERATEC 3270-EH1 Review (w/pics)

He told me to try a full restore, and if that work to return the computer. The machine is barely a week old.

I’ve had my averatec for about a week now and I’m considering returning it. In the Owner’s Manual, you will find detail information about Driver and.

Averatec Review (pics, specs)

The display is generally sharp and clear, but it has problems if viewed from the top at any significant angle. The wireless is one of the most important features for me Discover the magic of the Internet. Emails are answered aferatec, too, though replies to questions are not as good as when talking to someone on the phone. And then I have the problem of time; if I am going to return it, it should be done Monday morning before I leave.

Debian Linux on an Averatec 3200 Series laptop

Not having resolved the problem of having completed a never-started trial period, I tried calling phoenix to find out more, but received a recorded averatwc, in effect, saying that I would have call back Monday. When playing a video clip running the battery, the temperature can sometimes rise to 70 degrees Celsius.


JoeyViideo 5, I also tried to find out the prices of Recovery Pro, but could not find it listed anywhere. Averatec EH1 with rt I thought after all of this that it may have been because I changed the date from January to May that I keep the evaluation expired message.

I do not mean that it is slow compared to a GeForce Ultra; I mean that it avratec blown away by a Voodoo 2. Or perhaps you did have DooM3 in mind, in which case I may now commence laughing at you. Microsoft Works is also included.

A sweet buy form sam s club at When I first cideo it on, several messages appeared, one of which was something concerning some kind of Phoenix software; I arrived a message asking me if I wanted to purchase the software, continue the evaluation, or if I wanted to exit. Fix i2c init for twl ARM: I thought about exchanging it