Subscribe to our newsletter. While we have seen A based motherboards that feature a Slot-1 connector combined with a Socket connector ala Tyan Trinity as well as those with simply a Slot-1 connector, the 3VCA is the first we have seen with solely a Socket interface. Even the newer boards though are known to not have the performance of the mighty BX. From the comments I’ve read online, it seems it pretty much always works on Geforce, and usually works on Geforce4, but fails on FX5 and later cards. Feature Comparison – Continued. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. It should be mentioned that there may be problems when using a Sound Blaster Live card with a VIA mainboard both sound issues and data corruption for other devices are possible.

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Usually can get around them with the last 4in1’s like 4. Initially, we had quite a;ollo bit of trouble with this board, but after a couple of revisions from FIC, it’s currently a decent choice for an Athlon motherboard.

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In spite of the recent influx of poorly manufactured A based motherboards, EPoX seems to have risen to the challenge quite nicely with their 3VCA. Anything that won’t fit a 3. In fact, their headquarters are practically right next to each other in Taiwan.

12 Socket 370 Motherboards using VIA’s Apollo Pro 133A

Feature Comparison Page Lucky Star 6VA Page CPU support limited on older boards. I wouldn’t be very interested in the Apollo Pro Board index All times are UTC.


Making use of a physically smaller in length Socket connector, you would expect the 3VCA to be a noticeably smaller motherboard when compared to the Slot-1 A solutions we’ve looked at in the past. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

FIC carefully laid out the board to allow full length cards to sit in any of those expansion slots. Some physical modifications will be pgo for the tualatins, but it can be done.

A;ollo the exception of a handful of manufacturers such as Gigabyte and ECS, most of the boards we tested just 5 months ago varied in performance so greatly that it reminded us of the way the motherboard industry was during the Socket-7 days of the FX and HX chipsets.

QDI Advance 10 Page Test Setup Page This site hosts no abandonware. I’m really only using the thing because I don’t have an alternative at the same performance level. They’re Intel though and have support for FSB and up to 1. This two way compatibility may not seem like much, but the 3VCA is one of the first motherboards to officially support both CPUs in a Socket interface in the initial shipping revision of the motherboard.

The Via Apollo Pro also supports up to 1.

Gigabyte GA-6VX-4X Apollo Pro A Slot-1 ATX

The Chipside Story Page 4: HP apologizes for Jornada’s missing colors. Unfortunately, the Apollo Pro A motherboard market is still an infant one.


While this may not seem like the most useful feature, it is unique nonetheless. It’s no surprise that FIC likes to use VIA chipsets as the two companies have worked extremely close to each other in the past.

I think most points have been made. Log in Don’t have an account?

ASUS P3V4X Apollo Pro A Slot-1 ATX

First, the whole processor became extremely big, because the internal L2-cache was on a huge extra die that was placed into the housing of the processor, making the Pentium Pro very big and the production very expensive. Maxtor Fireball Plus 8 40g,rpm,2mb cache Os: Thanks to a new production process, 0. I don’t have proof but my impression has been that VIA gradually improved with later chips.

On the other hand, the DIMM slots are sandwiched right up next to the X North Bridge and may prevent the use of some extremely large apolo. But again, my positive experiences were with the A, I don’t remember using the There are some fixes for this problem but it seems inconclusive if the problems were totally cured.