Browser for Android Yandex. Indicates if the browser supports WebGL technology to generate hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. All models are ordered by the number of events associated with that model that occurred in the sampling period. Indicates the name of the mobile operating system iOS, Android for which an application program has been developed to be used by a device. This property is applicable for browsers that support screen pixels height cookie. The Specific Absorbtion Rate SAR is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed by a radio frequency electromagnetic field. Indicates if the browser supports border images, allowing decoration of the border around an object.

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This property refers to the total capacity, not the space available vg the user after the operating system has been installed. Laptops are not classified as mobile devices under this definition and so ‘IsMobile’ will be ‘False’. Indicates the data set version or cloud service the property and values are contained within.

Refers to the list of video codecs supported by an operating system. The year in which further development for the platform version is stopped by the platform vendor. If the browser doesn’t support JavaScript then ‘NotSupported’ value is returned.

For devices that operate via mains power only, e. Indicates if the browser stores the session history for a web page that contains the URLs visited by the browser’s user. Indicates what ajax request format should be used.


The progress element can be used to display the progress of the ajris. An video codec is a program used to playback digital video files. Refers to the width of the device’s screen in inches.

The month in which further development of airiss browser version is stopped by the browser vendor. Indicates if the device has a trackpad or trackball. Indicates if the browser supports a feature to acquire the geographical location. The string contains the caption, followed by the full image URL separated with a tab character.

Airis Diamond N for Windows XP | Driver Pack

Assumes the actual device DPI is being used. This property will return ‘False’ for a device that does not vgw an integrated screen. Indicates the number of physical CPU cores the device has. This property does not indicate if the device is a mobile phone or not.


Refers to the JavaScript snippet used to determine the response times and bandwidth to monitor the performance of the website. Indicates the official name of the graphical chip within the SoC. Indicates the maximum number of SIM cards the device can support. Indicates if the device has a virtual qwerty keyboard capability.

Property Dictionary The list of properties and descriptions explain how to use the available device data. Indicates if the browser supports Viewport, to give control over view for different screen sizes and resolutions of devices accessing a website. Indicates if the browser supports flexbox, allowing the automatic reordering of elements on the page when accessed from devices with different screen sizes.


Indicates the number of bits used to describe the colour of each individual pixel, also known as bit depth or colour depth. Indicates if the browser has the ability to embed custom data attributes on all HTML elements using the ‘data-‘ prefix.

Indicates if the device is a web enabled computerised wristwatch with other capabilities beyond timekeeping, such as push notifications. Indicate the diagonal size of the device’s screen in millimetres rounded to the nearest whole number. Indicates the area of the device’s screen in square millimetres rounded to the nearest whole number. It runs on a Smart Operating System i. Refers to the list of audio codecs supported for encoding by a Chipset.

This list of codecs is supported for capture on a basic software installation.