This table column is the peak fill rate in gigatexels per second. I have 2gb in my laptop and 3gb on my desktop. VGA was the last well-defined and universally accepted standard for video. If you plan to use gaming or high-end graphic programs, then go for the video card with its own memory. As far as I know, there are no official Windows 7 or later drivers for this from nVidia, so keep that in mind. After the GeForce , Nvidia needed to introduce cards that were slower and less expensive.

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There’s many sites to get cards like www.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I/b no such thing as a single speed number which you can use to compare how fast different video cards are at games.

PC video memory confusion: Dedicated, shared, discrete, oh my!

Happy bidding and good luck. You make up your own mind. Depending on the size of your monitor a MB discrete video card such as the nvidia is decent for your needs right now.

Graphics accelerators need some memory to store textures and calculations. With the virtual machine stopped you should be able to modify the settings through VirtualBox’s UI. Although casual gaming is kind of a vague term, modern integrated graphics will probably be able to handle it and then some.

The big fat table of video cards

It’s hardly surprising that they’re the only ones who do it considering that it involves some soldering. Custom Bundle see all.


No matter which display mode is being used frame buffer must be able to accommodate the highest resolution and color depth that can be best supported.

SP – Stream processor DirectX 10 – A stream processor is a processing unit which is shared between pixel shaders, vertex shaders, and geometry shaders in a unified shader architecture. Then the Riva TNT arrived on the scene, which was a fast 3D card with a lot of memory for the time and built-in 2D capabilities. For this reason the memory on the card is said to be ‘dedicated’ since it is for the vgz use of the graphics card.

As part of this answer, see my answer to Joan? Only much later, with better drivers, was it able to make up ground. You are so lucky that I have just verify the stew you are in!

Aux power This table column lists any auxiliary power connectors required to power the card. All of the other stuff you mentioned vta actually 2-D video, so any video solution will suffice, and because of Vista and the Aero interface, all of the video systems being offered in new computers are powerful enough to meet the needs of pretty much any casual user who is not doing serious 3D gaming or using CAD or simulation software. This is the wattage which has to 128/2256 delivered by the computer’s power supply to the video card.

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And they did, with the NV40, also known as the GeForce What you see on the picture is. The Blown GeForce Hunter With brutal raw performance, the fanboys were not the only ones surprised that this card hopelessly lagged behind when it was launched.


128/2256 remember that these wattage mbb are an approximation. All that ‘shared’dedicated and discreet is just a means of saying where the card is. Higher numbers mean higher performance. Out of the way!

So, for example [an extreme example], if you have meg of system memory e. You can find these kinds of power ratings at techreportanandtechand tomshardware. DRAM is used in many graphics cards seperrti 8, 16, or 32 bits. ATI’s is called HyperMemory. Sharing main memory with the display function reduces the amount of o/n available to applications, and main memory is not as fast as the specialized video memory on stand-alone cards.

MB Computer Graphics, Video Cards for sale | eBay

That usually is the wattage drawn while the computer is sitting at the Windows desktop running no programs. I upgraded it from the factory 2GB.

July gga, The big fat table of video cards Video card models Most video card models have a standard version which is based on the reference design created by the GPU maker.